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Whether you're going on a trip, have a pooch that would love a nice long walk, or work long hours and could use an extra hand, we're here to help.


We offer professional pet sitting and dog walking services in the cities of Brea and Fullerton.


How We Can Help:

Pet Sitting

While you're away on vacation or business, we travel to your home to take care of your pets. We offer drop-in visits or can even stay in your home overnight. Everyone's needs are a little different, so we customize our services to meet the needs of each of our clients.

Our prices are in line with most pet hotels, kennels or boarding facilities, but we have the added benefit of spending lots of time and attention with your pet in the environment that they are the most comfortable. Plus, we also provide house sitting services at no extra charge.

Dog Walking

For pups that could use some extra exercise or need to be let out in the day. We'll come to your home and give your pooch an awesome workout or a relaxing stroll with some fresh air and mental stimulation.

While we're walking, we can even work on basic training exercises to help your pup with their walking manners or to reinforce obedience training.

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New client? Use this form to get started

New client?

Please use this form to get started.

Give us a call at 714.494.6306

Give us a call at 714-494-6306

Text us with your request

Send a text to 714-494-6306

Email us at ivey@mindful-pet.com

Email us at ivey@mindful-pet.com



We'll send text or email updates while you're away


We're happy to send text or email updates while you're away so that you can see that your little one is happy,

healthy and safe.

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